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Start Breathing Better Instantly!

Intake instantly opens your nasal passages, letting you take deep breaths that improve your overall health. It’s easy to use and stays on all day & night!

  • Enjoy 12+ hours of improved breathing in seconds
  • Comfortable and safe for sensitive skin
  • 80% better breathing than nasal strips!
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Intake is the #1 nasal dilator on the market for a reason! Our patented design uses magnets to help open your breathing passages like never before. 

You'll enjoy more air in your lungs from the moment you put it on, and you’ll instantly start enjoying 12+ hours of comfortably improved breathing — bringing greater relief and energy.

Increasing your oxygen intake with Intake has all sorts of benefits:

  • Improved sleep and reduced snoring

  • More energy for workouts & faster recovery

  • Stabilize your heart rate

  • Boost oxygen absorption & lung health

  • And much more!

If you’re not breathing through your nose, you’re living a limited life. Let Intake open up a world of vibrant energy for you — using the natural power of deep, satisfying breathing!

Nasal strips are expensive, fall off constantly, and don’t open your nose wide enough to truly improve your breathing. They work decently… but they leave a lot to be desired.

That’s why we created Intake — it’s better than traditional nasal strips in every way! Intake's unique design pulls your nostrils outward instead of forward like a typical nasal strip, providing all sorts of benefits:

  • Intake allows for 80% more air intake than traditional nasal strips

  • It works with your nose's natural design so you're always comfortable

  • Easy for anyone to use — both healthy people and those with nasal problems

  • Lasts 12+ hours (compared to just a few hours with nasal strips)

Instead of wasting time and money on nasal strips that don’t do a great job, just get Intake — not only will you breathe better, your life will be so much easier too!